Friday, October 3, 2008


We went to the cardiologist about a month ago and finally got some good news with regards to Jessica's heart defect. There was a slight improvement! She will still need a heart operation to correct the ASD, but it's not urgent. Initially the cardiologist said that we should operate between 12 and 18 months, but we can now wait until she's about 4 years old. At that time it might be possible to do the operation with a catheter and not open heart surgery!!! Excellent news!

She is really doing fine, walking now ... full of energy. Thankfully no symptoms of the hole in her heart.

We'll see a pediatric cardiologist when we get to Aus ... they're building a brand new children's hospital in Brisbane!!!

Big plans

We've booked our plain tickets ... we're leaving on 3 January 2009, going to Perth. There we'll spend some time with our friend Collin. On 13 January we're flying to Brisbane. That's when the work will start ... finding a house, a car and jobs. Schools for the kids, so many things to do!

Our container will probably be packed end of November so that we won't be without furniture for too long in Australia. In December we'll be staying in someone's house who will be on holiday for the whole month. So that should work out fine.

We're really stressing about the whole decision and the big move at the moment, I think because everything is happening so slowly we've got too much time to thing about the big move. That makes it more difficult ... it's like pulling a plaster of painfully slow!

We are going to miss our friends and family so much, and the kids their grandparents. Sometimes I really wonder if we're doing the right thing. It was so much easier to talk about it before it became a reality.