Saturday, June 27, 2009

Potjiekos …

Last weekend we invited Gert and Elize over for potjiekos … so glad we brought our potjie with! The one thing that is really cheaper in Australia is ox tail (I remember it being really expensive in South Africa) In the shops you will find it next to the dog bones, in between gross stuff like pig ears, beef hearts and who knows what.

So we made a delicious ox tail potjie … mouth watering!!!

This was a little different because we had to do it on the gas braai, but it was so much easier than doing it on a wood fire.

P1110386 [Desktop Resolution]

P1110387 [Desktop Resolution]

P1110388 [Desktop Resolution]

P1110389 [Desktop Resolution]

P1110390 [Desktop Resolution]

Gert and Elize:

P1110392 [Desktop Resolution]

Me and Christiaan (Gert and Elize’s son)

P1110394 [Desktop Resolution]

Me and Brett:

P1110395 [Desktop Resolution]

P1110401 [Desktop Resolution]

P1110402 [Desktop Resolution]

Finally ready …

P1110404 [Desktop Resolution]


sandvlooi'e said...

Dit lyk damm lekker, en mens kan sien julle kuier ook lekker! Ons geniet julle blog!

SA Expats said...

Lekke! OI bought myself a potjie recently here in Abu Dhabi. We also do it on gas and I think it actually works better! :)

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